Allure 50XFM HD Gen2
Xchangeable Flush Mount

Xchangeable Flush Mount is the latest body style within the Pro Series HD range,
designed to be exchanged without hauling should servicing ever be needed. XFM
features an exceptionally low profile giving it virtually unlimited hull mounting
options and can be retrofitted into most existing underwater lighting hole cutouts,
offering immediate benefits of no startup power surge, low heat, minimal
maintenance and improved light output.
The Allure 50XFM HD Gen2 has a brightness equivalent to a 50w HID/Metal
Halide using the latest High Definition LEDs.
Suitable for Fiberglass, GRP and wooden hulls up to 65’ (20m) using 2-6 lights
with spacing of 3-5’ (1-1.5m). Deutsche plug-and-play quick connectors make
this light a quick fit.
Also suitable for aluminum/steel hulls using the Delrin Isolation Sleeve accessory.
Allure XFM 50 HD
Pro Series Allure 50XFM HD Gen2 Ultra White LEDs
Pro Series Allure 50XFM HD Gen2 Midnight Blue LEDs