The Original Thru-Hull with the world’s smallest hole cut-out for a thru hull light at only 1” is now 100% brighter than its predecessor using the latest High Definition LEDs. The 3010TH HD with a 1 inch (30mm) profile head and brightness equivalent to 250w HID/Metal Halide lights make it ideal for transom mount applications on larger boats.

Suitable for Fiberglass, GRP and wooden hulls over or above 20m (65’) using 4 or more lights with spacing of 3-6’ (1-1.8m). Deutsch plug-and-play quick connectors make this light a quick fit.

Also suitable for aluminium/steel hulls using the Delrin Isolation Sleeve accessory

Pro HD 3010 TH HD GEN2  

Pro Series 3010TH HD Gen2 Ultra White LEDs w/Linear Optics
Pro Series 3010TH HD Gen2 Midnight Blue LEDs w/Linear Optics
Pro Series 3010TH HD Gen2 Sea Green LEDs w/Linear Optics